‘The New Wilderness’

Over the last fortnight or so, I indulged myself with a new, dystopian novel; ‘The New Wilderness’. The newly established author, Diane Cook, was shortlisted for the 2020 Booker prize for her modern masterpiece.** Her book follows a group of civilians who, in an attempt to escape the increasingly dangerous city they live in, areContinue reading “‘The New Wilderness’”

Snow- My First Ever Description

Last week, we were surprised with one of the UK’s rarest gifts; snow. In light of this, I thought I’d write a short description about the snow, as I found my surrounding landscapes truly beautiful. Similarly, the snow also brought a general happiness to the week, and so I made sure to include one ofContinue reading “Snow- My First Ever Description”

My New Years Resolutions 2021

Although 2020 hasn’t been a complete disaster for me, it definitely hasn’t been an incredible year. Even though we have no idea how 2021 may differ, I’m entering this next year with the same optimism and hope as usual. I’m wishing for progress amongst the global pandemic, the health of wellbeing of my friends andContinue reading “My New Years Resolutions 2021”