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Half-Term Update

As I sit down to write on the second/ fourth day of half term, depending on whether you count the weekend, I thought I would write about how I found the last few weeks after entering lockdown 3. It wasn’t exactly the start to the year any of us wanted, but it’s what we wereContinue reading “Half-Term Update”

‘The New Wilderness’

Over the last fortnight or so, I indulged myself with a new, dystopian novel; ‘The New Wilderness’. The newly established author, Diane Cook, was shortlisted for the 2020 Booker prize for her modern masterpiece.** Her book follows a group of civilians who, in an attempt to escape the increasingly dangerous city they live in, areContinue reading “‘The New Wilderness’”

Self-love ❤

Over the past few months, I’ve been realising more and more that the person you can rely on the most in life is yourself. Friends drift, relationships change and your family can’t be there forever. It’s probably one of my most daunting realisations, but I think it is also really rewarding. As a result, I’veContinue reading “Self-love <3”

Here We Go Again…

Yesterday, at 20:00pm, almost everyone in Britain was gathered around some form of TV, radio, or portable device to listen to what announcement Boris Johnson had made us wait all day for… Less than a minute in, we found out what we feared; a national lockdown. Due to the governments previous indecisiveness, I wasn’t quiteContinue reading “Here We Go Again…”


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