Is it good to be busy?

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Over the last few months, although at times I have had shedloads of work and commitments, I was always at home. As lockdown begins to ease, I am finding more ways to fill my calendar, as some aspects of life are beginning to open up again. This weekend, I had a debating competition across the two days. This meant I missed my usual weekend lie ins and relaxation. Although I was dreading this, as I struggle with little sleep, I actually found myself quite enjoying the productivity that I haven’t experienced for so long. Hence, I started to ponder whether being ‘busy’** is actually a good thing, and how far it is pushed in order to become toxic.

I guess this blog post may be easy to write from my position, as I have the Easter holidays approaching so I can have a reboot soon. Although the last couple of weeks have left me rather fatigued, I actually have quite enjoyed feeling ‘busy’. I feel like I’m gaining back a purpose to my life, and I think that is something we have all been yearning for. Many of us all crave those days of doing ‘nothing’, but the tediousness of lockdown has made me realise how unfulfilling doing ‘nothing’ is. I have found I much prefer having stuff to do, places to go and a set routine. There is no better feeling than finally reaching your bed in the evening, and being able to reflect upon all you have done or achieved in your day.

Of course, sometimes life can get too ‘busy’ and that is when it can become overwhelming. I was apprehensive upon returning to school as, back in September when we returned from the summer lockdown, I found the transition back into a ‘busy’ life quite difficult. I found myself becoming overwhelmed and panicky, and it wasn’t a nice experience as it felt so out of my control. I eventually settled back into the routine, but it taught me not to push myself too far, as sometimes we do all just need time to step back from it all.

Another important aspect of being ‘busy’ I find key to control, is your different areas of life. Say you become very ‘busy’ at work, you may find yourself seeming too ‘busy’ for the social side of your life. I find it important to measure how ‘busy’ I am in different parts of my life, and then I can see where I need to take some pressure off the gas, and equally where I need to devote more of my time. It’s all about balance, and once you can find that, you should feel much more in control of your life.

Ultimately, I am enjoying the new ‘busyness’ of my life, as I have been missing a proper meaning and structure to my life for so long. I’ll ensure I keep checking in with myself to prevent a burnout, but so far I’m liking it. Due to the rule of six/ two households rule being introduced today, I will definitely be making some plans to fill my Easter holiday!

**I have quoted ‘busy’ as I believe everyone has their own interpretation of what being ‘busy’ truly means 🙂

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