A Day in the Life

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This morning I headed back to school and that meant a change to my routine. As so much has changed over the past few months, I thought I’d do an updated ‘Day in the Life’, as I enjoy reading and watching these myself. I’m saying goodbye to my late starts, pyjama like outfits and constant supply of snacks and welcoming the more intense, but enjoyable, school day.

6:00-6:30am; I will wake up between these times depending on the day and how long it may take me to get ready. It never gets any easier but it definitely feels like you are living a full day.

7:20am; I leave for my train around this time, and my train itself usually arrives around 7:30am although that significantly depends on the slightly unreliable transport service…

8:20am; It can take between 10 and 20 minutes to get to school from the train station, depending on who needs a quick Tesco trip… In all honesty, it feels like half the day has passed by the time I get to school, but it’s actually only just beginning.

8:30am- 3:45pm; My school day consists of five periods made up of lessons and ‘study periods’, with a break at 10:45am and lunch at 1:15pm. It can be tiring but, if you have the right lessons, it can fly by.

4:15pm; My train home is around this time but again is heavily reliant on the transport service’s punctuality.

5:00pm; After a brief walk home, I usually get home around this time. Sometimes I may have things after school which delay this by an hour or two but, generally, I aim to be home by this time. When I arrive home, I like to do some form of exercise, typically a workout or run. Alongside a shower, this usually takes about an hour of my time.

6:00pm; After I have exercised and washed I will make myself a cup of tea as well as a snack if I’m hungry. Then, I will settle down to start any homework or revision I need to do.

7:30-8:00pm; Dinner time varies but it is usually between these two times. Dinner is one of my favourite times, as there is nothing better than coming home to a well-cooked meal. I am very lucky.

8:00pm+; This is my free time. If I need to do more work, I will do so. If not, I can simply ‘chill’ or, in today’s case, write a quick blog post. It’s nice to have extra time if I need to get something done but it’s also important I provide myself with a time to allow myself to relax after a long day.

10:00pm; I usually head to bed around this time, but again it is subject to change. Usually I try to read some of the book I am reading as I find this is a nice way to end the day.

Then, I do it all again the next day!

2 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Emily your account of just one day in your life has left me exhausted! I am so pleased that you allow for some relaxation and exercise. Good luck for the weeks ahead. How are you feeling about no external exams? Personally I think it is the fairest decision and would advocate for the same next year.

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    1. I am glad external exams have been cancelled, but school seems to still want to examine us to help determine a grade… I have just had some online mocks which were strange but went well on the whole. Definitely agree it was the right decision and I agree the government are going to have to consider the cancellation of next years as well.


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