Things I Hope To Do This Summer

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Yesterday, Boris Johnson announced that all social distancing measures could be lifted on the 21st of June 2021. Whether this will go ahead, I’m sure many of us are doubtful. However, I’m going to stay positive for now and thought it was suitable to compile a short list of some of the things I hope to do this summer.

1. Visit Restaurants

This time last year, I would’ve laughed at myself now, so desperately craving a meal from a restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, the food at home is brilliant, but I nonetheless am certainly craving a nice, sit down meal out in town. For whatever reason, recently I can’t get the ‘Ask Italian’ carbonara off my mind… It’ll be well worth the wait.

2. Wine-glass picnic

On the subject of food, I would love to go on a tiktok trendy ‘wine glass picnic’ with my friends. The main feature of these is taking a cake to share, but instead of using a knife to cut it, each person scoops some cake with their wine glass. Some love the idea, others are horrified. I personally love it and can’t wait to spend a lovely summer’s evening with my friends.

3. BBQ with friends

More food… oops! Nothing reminds me of summer more than a crisp bbq, and it’s also a perfectly casual way to meet up with friends. However, it’s safe to say I’ll probably avoid the role of cook…

4. Camping with friends

Although anything more than one night of camping starts to fill me with dread, I think camping can is a great summer activity. It’s a cheap, easy yet insanely fun thing to do with friends (or family). Whether you want to hire your own heated cabin, or you’re prepared to face the real elements, camping certainly makes for nights you won’t forget.

5. Visit a Water Park

The U.K. isn’t renowned for its water facilities, but that doesn’t mean it’s a total no go. I haven’t been to a swimming pool, yet alone a water park for what seems like forever, so it’s definitely something on this summer’s bucket list.

6. Swim in the Sea

I think it’s been even longer since I’ve swam in the Sea! The Sea isn’t always the kindest to my sensitive skin, but it’s not really a proper summer if your feet didn’t even make it for a paddle!

7. Cliff Jumping

The most I’ve ever jumped is from a boat to water. I think it’s time we took it a step further…

8. Run more

Currently, the seasonal weather makes it more difficult for me to run, both physically and mentally. Although last year the heat was sometimes extremely intense, I miss the feel of the rays on my face and the general beauty of running at the time of a summer sunset. Whether my motivation will last for the entirety of summer, who knows, but I’m looking forward to it for now.

9. Summer Shopping Spree

Currently, I’m restricting myself from buying anything for myself online; it’ll all be worth it for summer. If retail does fully re-open, I can’t wait to have a lovely day out, spoiling myself for the many summer outfits that will be needed!

10. Shop for University

Somehow, I should be going to University in September. It’s crazy to think about, but I will eventually need to get organised and start looking for what I’m going to need. A big IKEA shop will definitely be required!

11. 18th Birthday Party

My birthday is in July so, in theory, I should be all clear to host a party. As long as the weather complies, it’ll be an amazing night!

12. Clubbing

One thing Boris seemed particularly excited to announce yesterday was the potential re-opening of clubs. I don’t blame him and will definitely be wanting to get out this summer and make up for all the missed partying this year!

4 thoughts on “Things I Hope To Do This Summer

  1. I fully endorse your ambitions for this Summer! I am with you on most of them but maybe not the cliff jumping. Or the nightclub. Or the 18th Birthday Party! Certainly not the Wine Picnic as I believe that only wine goes in a wine glass!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad I have your support (for most of them!) I might have to spice things up a little at the next family picnic, and see if I can convince anyone to join me for cake in a glass!


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