My New Years Resolutions 2021

*image from Aidan Garlington Hair Design

Although 2020 hasn’t been a complete disaster for me, it definitely hasn’t been an incredible year. Even though we have no idea how 2021 may differ, I’m entering this next year with the same optimism and hope as usual. I’m wishing for progress amongst the global pandemic, the health of wellbeing of my friends and family, and for success for and happiness in myself. As usual, to help the year get off to a good start, I’ve made a list of resolutions which I hope to stick to for as long as possible.

1) Drink more water

I’m pretty sure I have this on my list every year but it’s one that’s always needed. I really do not drink nearly enough water, and with the benefits that come with hydration, it’s something I am going to try and take more seriously.

2) Become more polite

Although I’d say my general manners and etiquette are good, I still think I could improve. I might start of simple with ensuring I say ‘thank you’ as often as possible, as you’d be surprised at how much that can change someone’s perception of you. As a result, I hope to be seen as a kinder person, and most importantly grateful, even for the simple things.

3) Get more quality sleep

Especially out of term time, my sleep really deteriorates. To be honest, I think I sleep to much. Of course everyone needs a lie in sometimes, but I’m sure I could find some other way to be more productive. As well as my actual hours of sleep, I want to improve the quality. I’m not quite sure how to properly achieve this, but I’ll start with the simple things, such as not going on your phone as much before bed. I also think I’ll try to listen to my own body clock more, going to bed earlier if I need it, or staying up later if I’m feeling energised.

4) Improve my fitness

During lockdown, I managed to get myself in a semi-decent shape, however I seem to have lost that since returning to school… When I was physically fit I felt much better and happier in myself, and I really miss feeling this way. I’ve put together a small fitness regime for the New Year, and although it’s not the same intensity as my lockdown one, due to time, weather and exhaustion restraints, hopefully I can start to see some improvements again.

5) Save Money

As I start to loom towards the age of ‘adulting’, I want to start to think about saving more, and perhaps start to think about budgeting, and other ‘boring stuff’. I think it’s really important to be conscious of your use of money, and I hope that taking more responsibility for my spending will help me out in the long term.

6) Learn how to defend myself

After growing up with two brothers, I definitely have learnt a few ways to hold my own, but I’m not sure ‘fighting’ young boys is the same as an attack in the real world. It’s sad that we have to think about these things, but I think this would be a really important but also cool skill to have. If anyone knows anywhere that offers these type of classes, please feel free to let me know, as well as anyone that might want to come with me!

7) Learn shorthand

Now this will be no easy task, but if I want to enter the field of Journalism, it’s a skill that’s going to be needed. Therefore, I want to try to get ahead and learn it as quickly as possible. Teaching myself will be interesting, but if I can pick up some basics, I’ll be at an advantage as I further my studies.

8) Start writing a journal

When I was in Year 11, I decided to write a journal during the process of my GCSEs. It was honestly one of my best decisions, as it is so funny to read through my entries, and look back at how stupid some of the stuff I was stressed about. Therefore, as I head towards my A levels, I think I want to do a similar thing again, as I love being able to look back in the long-term and see just how temporary stress really is.

9) Get rid of bad eating habits

I’m not sure I’ll ever have a completely healthy relationship with food, but I’m definitely trying. At the moment, I tend to eat too little during a school-week, but then end up overeating on the weekend. I’d love to find a balance between the two and also start eating healthier foods, as I think this can have such an impact on how you feel mentally. If anyone has any enjoyable healthy recipes, feel free to link them below!

10) Become happier in myself

Currently, out of everyone, the person who probably has the most negative impact on me is myself (a terrible thing to admit). The first thing I do when I wake up is criticise myself in the mirror, and the last thing I do at night, is tell myself off for all the things I did ‘wrong’ in the day (or even something that happened years ago!) I really want to become happier in myself, and I really want to work on this this year. I’m going to try to be less negative about myself, and instead try to treat myself how I treat others. After all, you’re never truly happy until you’re happy in yourself 🙂

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