My experience in isolation (sort of)

*image from Schwabe Pharma UK

Unfortunately, yesterday, I got a notification on my NHS app that I needed to self-isolate due to having contact with someone with coronavirus. Due to delayed testing and tracking, I luckily only have to isolate for three days, but it’s still proving hard. To lower the risk of my passing anything onto my immediate family, my family and I decided it would be best for me to stay alone in my room, to prevent transmission. This has meant me spending three days without really leaving my bedroom. I’m fortunate enough to have a lovely bedroom, and my own bathroom, meaning my isolation is pretty easy, and short, compared to most. That being said, it’s still proving difficult to find things to keep my mind sane.

I would definitely describe myself as a social butterfly; I adore other people and thrive off being around them. Therefore, not being able to interact with anyone is rough. Even when I’m okay to come out of isolation, many of my friends still have a couple days left, so it’ll sadly still be hard to see anyone. However, due to modern technology, we have the amazing feature FaceTime, and I’ve enjoyed remaining in contact with friends and family that way. Seeing someone else’s face can really make the day so much better. Usually, socialising takes up a lot of my time, so another issue I’ve bumped into is boredom. There’s only so much you can do in your room, so it’s been a task trying to keep myself occupied, and also refraining from slipping into ‘zombie’ mode. Perhaps not the most mentally stimulating activity, but Netflix has been keeping me mildly enthused. F.R.I.E.N.D.S is my go-to show as it’s so comforting and just an easy watch, and I’ve also been watching some Christmas films, as I have yet to indulge myself in many this years. I watched the new BBC quiz show ‘The Wheel’ last night as I find Michael Macintyre really amusing, and I thought it would be good to test my general knowledge and get thinking. Today, I’ve been more focussed on school work, so am yet to watch anything, but I’m sure I might find something later to get through the evening.

Speaking of school-work, I think the most noticeable change I’ve seen in myself is my motivation. Perhaps it doesn’t help that I have left my most dreaded tasks until last, but I have been finding it hard to get my work done. I think for successful study, a change of scenery is important, but that’s difficult in isolation. I’ve been feeling quite lethargic and found it hard to concentrate stuck inside. I’ve managed to get most of it done, but I may have to review what I’ve done in a couple of days as I’m not certain the quality is 100%. I think it’s also hard to have proper rest-breaks as well; mine only really consist of TV or sleep at the moment (awful I know!) Normally, I like to go on a run or walk to refresh my mind, but I’m currently not able to leave my house. I’ve been keeping my windows open and doing a few mobile stretches to move my body, to stimulate the same feeling I might experience outside but it evidently isn’t the same. It’s also not helping with the Festive weight gain, but we won’t talk about that!

These very few days I’ve had to ‘hide away’ for, have really made me think about those living in hospital, prison, small, cramped housing etc. It must be torture! Most importantly, I’m extremely grateful for the health of my friends and family, as this is the first time I’ve experienced at first hand just how fast this virus can spread. It is a weird, confusing and sometimes scary experience, but I’m grateful for the privilege I have in these circumstances, and I hope that things improve here in England as soon as possible.

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