My Christmas Wishlist 2020

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and this year ‘careful’. As the Christmas lights go up, the weather worsens and the Christmas tunes are ever playing on the radio, I’m sure we’ve all got Christmas on our minds. Sadly this year, me and my family will be having a quiet Christmas and, although still lovely, it will be different. One big change is the exchange of gifts through the post rather than in person, and this has caused a need for extra organisation. Therefore, this year I decided to begin writing a ‘Christmas Wish List’ and gathered a specific list of any present ideas I had. It is important to note that everyone’s christmases are different, and you shouldn’t compare yours to anyone else’s, and that includes what gifts people receive. Everything I compile in this list is purely a wish, and I do not expect to receive anything, let alone everything I ask for. I am extremely grateful for anyone who sends me a gift, and feel so privileged that I do have presents under the tree on Christmas morning. As noted, not everyone is as fortunate as me, so I will link below the Salvation Army’s gift donation service, for anyone who feels kind enough to donate.

Donate a present and make a child’s Christmas-

1. AirPods- the classic ‘teenage’ present. I’m looking forward to the practical purposes of this gadget, as it’ll make running with music, listening to music around the house without disturbing others and sneaking one ear in, one ear out, a lot easier!

*image from MacRumors

2. Clothes- jeans, joggers, the increasingly fashionable flares; you name it, it’s probably on my wishlist!

*image from

3. Pandora ring- arguably from one of the UK’s favourite Jewellers, nothing makes a girl happier than some of Pandora’s prettiest pieces.

*image from

4. Makeup- one of the more boring gifts, but makeup can really rack up a bill, so it’s one of the highly necessary gifts!

*image from PriceRunner

5. Sprocket Sheets- this year, one of my favourite things has been printing up photos of me and my friends, which I use my sprocket to do. Due to my high demand this year, I need filling up, and look forward to developing even more memories.

*image from

6. General Jewellery- recently, I’ve noticed a lack of gold jewellery in my collection, so I’d love to receive some for Christmas to balance this out!

7. ‘Nice’ pants- 🙂

8. Muscle Roller- I have been wanting one of these for ages, and my legs are certainly hoping this is something I do receive!

*image from

9. Beauty blender- when well used, these can end up in quite a state. I am in desperate need of a new one!!!

*image from Women’s Health

10. Money- might as well ask 😉

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