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As we unfortunately enter this second national lockdown, it can be easy to find yourself living in mundanity, and I feel rather unsatisfied with life myself currently. Without the excitement of seeing friends, making weekend plans and being able to enjoy the hospitality industry, life does seem to be a series of work, home, work, home, more work, then home again. Having said this, I feel it is important to remind yourself that this is only temporary, and upon this I have decided to put together a bucket list, in order to remind myself of the fun the future will hold.

1. Travel

When asking viewers to send in their own bucket list ideas, travel was the most popular and consistent response. The world has so much to offer, and I think it is a blessing to have the opportunity to see so much, and it is something I know I would regret not doing. Although I’m not too keen at the moment on having a ‘travel year’, I aim to make any future holidays special and different each time, and a ‘study abroad’ year is also very appealing, as it is an incredible opportunity to be able to travel whilst furthering your education. The colder continent of Antarctica is slightly less appealing to me, but it is safe to say I hope to conquer the rest of them in my lifetime. If excluding the chilly one, I only have two to go!

2. Meet some of my favourite celebrities

My number one celebrities to meet are Zac Efron and Taylor Swift. Zac Efron is 100% my celebrity crush, and I feel he will remain as so for many years to come, whilst Taylor has been a consistent figure in my life, guiding me through my childhood and teenage years, so I would be honoured to have an opportunity to thank her in person. I’d love to meet celebs from my favourite TV shows and films, such as Lily James, Jennifer Lawrence, Ed Westwick, Ian Sommerholder. I’d also love to meet some powerful female figures such as Michelle Obama, Jacinda Ardern, Emma Watson. In all honesty, I’d be privileged to meet anyone famous, but I’d like it to be a proper encounter, as I’d love to interact with someone who I’d idolised or admired, and feel as though I had genuinely met them.

3. Spend a night without returning home

I want to reassure you that in my seventeen years of life, I have spent many nights not returning to my house, but I have never spent a night without actually returning to a residence. I’ve been out late in the town, camped a couple of times, even done DofE, but I aspire to spend one night without settling down in one place, just having ‘endless’ fun. Maybe I’ll be surfing the late hour fast food chains, exploring the local area at night time or even simply spending a night under the stars with friends. Whatever it’ll be, it’s definitely something on my list.

4. Swim in the sea at night

I think there’s something about the night that appeals to me. I guess the thought of everyone else being asleep whilst you continuing to thrive makes me feel alive. Although the infamous first scene of ‘Jaws’ makes me slightly apprehensive, picturing the reflection of the moon, the (hopefully) calmness of the sea, and just the overall peacefulness of being alone in the element connecting the world, as opposed to the usual overcrowding at public peaches, makes this a definite for my bucket list.

5. Go through a carwash

Don’t worry, this isn’t any ordinary carwash. I’m not sure how many garages would actually allow this, so it may be a trickier one to achieve, but I really would like to go through a carwash myself. It may sound crazy, it may sound amazing, but it’s something I’ve always thought would be really cool. It’ll be messy, cold and possibly painful, but it’s something I definitely intend to do in my lifetime.

6. Create a home

Unfortunately my Art, DT and Graphics skills wouldn’t allow me to build my own home, but I would love to be able to create a familial home. Whether I’m living with a S.O., a family, or a special group of friends, I would love to have a comfortable, loving environment to come home to. Whilst I’m young, I love the idea of living with friends, probably because of my enjoyment of ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’, and hopefully this opportunity will arise as I move into higher education. Living with others is a challenge, but the bonds you make should be set for lifetime, and the friendships provide for endless fun in the house.

7. Meet my soulmate

I’m not sure I believe in the whole ‘soulmate’ idea, but if it is true I would love to meet mine. Of course there’s no specific magic button that will tell you when you’ve found them, and I’ve already started to meet people who I think I was really meant to meet, but I hope one day I’ll find that one person who I just know has been waiting to be in my life. I think it would be incredibly rewarding to meet someone who easily understands you, respects you and is compelled to do anything for you. A girl can dream!

6 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I love no. 3! If I can foist my very uncool music taste on you, A Summer Wasting by Belle and Sebastian has a particularly joyful “staying out all night” refrain which captures this stage of life perfectly.

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