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My blog is a very personal space, and so when seeing another blogger take part in an assumptions ‘challenge’, I thought it would be a great way for my readers to get to know me better. I asked my followers on Instagram (@teenage.train.of.thought) to send in any assumptions they had of me, whether they were from knowing me personally or just through my writing, and they certainly didn’t disappoint. Unfortunately, some of them were a bit too personal or even insulting (just ‘banter’ don’t worry) to share, so I have also turned to my star sign, to create a decent list of assumptions about myself. This was an interesting ‘challenge’ to take part in, and I think many of you would enjoy it yourselves! Give it a go if you feel up to it!

From the Viewers:

1) I am Intelligent

I am completely flattered to be seen this way, as I myself value intelligence a lot in people. I would like to think of myself as intelligent, but it certainly isn’t completely natural. I’ve always worked hard at school, and studying essay subjects has definitely helped me to be perceived as more intelligent, due to the wider vocabulary you gain, and I hope that this also comes across in my writing.

2) I tend care for others more than myself

As any teenage girl, I’ve always struggled with my self-esteem, and one of the best ways to overcome this for me, has been helping others. Nothing makes me happier than being the cause of someone’s smile, laughter or even happiness. I hate to see others in pain, stressed or struggling, so I will be willing, no matter what it takes, to help anyone in any way I can. Of course, that can take its toll on you as an individual, but that is definitely something I am working on, and I am much better at acknowledging the fine line between positively helping someone and when it becomes toxic and harmful to you.

3) I often care about people’s actions more than I want to

I don’t know if I’m egotistical, but I don’t enjoy people seeing that they’ve hurt me, and I even get annoyed at myself for letting people hurt me in the first case. I almost feel as if someone has ‘won’ by hurting me, and consequently I am extremely stubborn at letting myself care about certain situations. In order to get past something, I often convince myself that it isn’t affecting me and that I don’t care, when in reality I should just admit that it does bother me. I think I might start using the 5 by 5 rule; if it’s not going to affect you in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes worrying about it. This way, I can acknowledge that something has affected me, but I can still respond in a positive way.

4) I am honest

I see honesty as very perceptive. I don’t see myself as a pathological liar, but I am certainly not honest 24/7. I wouldn’t even say I’m deceitful, but in life I genuinely believe it is impossible to be 100% honest. Rather than being dishonest, if I find myself needing to ‘lie’, I often simply don’t say anything or I don’t lie, but I don’t tell the truth either. Let’s take the obvious example of ‘Are you okay?’ I reckon one of the most common lies is answering the question with ‘yes.’ even though you may not be ‘okay’. If for example I was having a terrible day and someone asked me this question I would almost always answer ‘yes,’ because it’s easy. Even though I might actually be struggling, I still haven’t lied, as I am ‘okay’, (I’m not harmed, or on the brink of a mental collapse), I simply could be doing better. It’s examples like these that support my idea of honesty as a perception, and so I would say I am an honest person, despite not always being honest…

5) I am small

Yes. I am 5ft2 but, there’s always hope…

Horoscope assumptions- Cancer:

1) I find it hard to open up

I do tend to find it harder to open up than some, as I don’t want to be seen as a burden, and most of my ‘struggles’ are pretty first-world and minor compared to most! With the support of friends, I am becoming more open, and late night chats at sleepovers have been my peak time for opening up… Who needs a therapist when you have a group of teenage girls at a sleepover!!!

2) I am clingy

I wouldn’t describe myself as a clingy person, physically or emotionally. I’m often cautious of being too ‘full-on’ as I have found in the past that can actually push people away. That being said, I do find myself becoming scared or even jealous if friends or family are drifting away, and although often I won’t address them or the situation, I think this suggests that deep down I am slightly ‘clingy’, but it’s not something I let show. Maybe I should be a Leo… I’m having serious issues with my self-pride!

3) I am emotional

I HATE showing my emotions. Crying in public, admitting something is wrong, or becoming too angry during a confrontation all make me very embarrassed yet… I do them all. I think I need to embrace my emotions more, because they are normal, it’s just something that has become stigmatised overtime. Although I am an emotional person, if I keep myself occupied, I often find I ‘don’t have time’ to be as emotional, and although this may not be healthy, it’s certainly an interesting discovery about myself.

4) I am moody

I’m a 17 year old girl. It’s inevitable.

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