What to Wear for Winter Fashion

Despite only just entering the Autumn season, the recent change in weather has brought a pretty wintery feel to the past couple of weeks. This has meant wrapping up warm and carrying an umbrella on all occasions. Personally, I’m not a fan of winter fashion. You may think of me a typical teenage girl, but I would much rather leave the house in a cute skirt and t shirt, than feeling weighed down by multiple jumpers and a coat. I usually end up wearing the same coat for the entirety of the Autumn and Winter season, but each year I do make some sort of attempt to up my fashion gain. Of course, we are much more aware of the consequences of constantly buying new clothes, so please don’t feel obliged to fork out on new jumpers, coats and accessories, as I am certainly going to be monitoring my spending this year. Having said that, if you feel like improving your wardrobe, here are a few of my favourite clothing items for this Autumn and Winter.

1. A Smart Coat

*grey cotigan from Next

Excuse the blur from the Next website, but a smart coat is the perfect item for Winter. Whether you have a dress code for school or work, you can never find an appropriate jacket for formal occasions, or you simply desire the comfort of a coat whilst still appearing smart, this is the perfect compromise. Being able to physically keep warm, whilst holding an element of class is something I’m certainly enjoying in the colder weather.

2. A Cardigan

*contrast sleeve cable knit boyfriend cardigan from Shein

Sometimes a thick jumper isn’t always the most appealing item when enjoying a day out or even lounging around the house. The solution I have found to this is cardigans. They’re easy to throw on, and look both casual and fashionable. They’re suitable for all occasions and are great to wear both in and out of the house. One of my favourite things is the ease at which you can layer with them and they can really add to an overall look.

3. Joggers

*Plus Slant Pockets Elastic Waist Carrot Trousers From Shein

Some call me crazy, some admire me, but I am perfectly happy leaving the house in joggers. Obviously, it isn’t appropriate on all occasions, but if I’m just nipping to the shops, or to meet a friend for coffee, they are a perfectly acceptable option. Since lockdown, I haven’t put a pair of jeans on as, to be quite honest, I’m terrified they won’t do up… Therefore, it’s been important to find different options that don’t prompt the same restriction I find from jeans. Rather than opting for the most basic grey joggers, I have tried to expand my search for joggers and I now own a range of styles and colours, allowing me to wear them almost whenever I want or need.

4. Subtle Tops

*lettuce crop top from Shein

By subtle tops, I mean anything plain and small, something which if worn alone would hardly draw eyes. These are perfect to layer with other items of clothes, and match with anything, meaning you can wear some ‘out-there’ bottoms without a clash of clothes. They’re simple and easy and perfect for if you are having a ‘I have no clue what to wear!’ day.

5. V-neck Jumper

*grey knitted jumper from H&M

I bought a V-neck jumper for school, and it has changed my life. It goes with anything, is extremely comfortable and meets the dress code. I would recommend pairing these with something with a higher neckline as I personally really like the contrasts of the high and low cuts.

6. Oversized Jumpers

Perhaps the most modernly classic fashion item in winter, it is nearly impossible to go wrong with an oversized jumper. As one of my favourite things to fling on when I get home from a cold day, there is no better comfort than the feeling of being enveloped by your jumper. I think this could also be a really sustainable way to get your clothes. Ask around family and friends if they have any clothes they don’t want anymore, and you’ll probably find yourself with a new oversized jumper, perfect for those chilly evenings.

7. Fluffy socks

*from http://www.amazon.com

I know I said that oversized jumpers were the most classic winter item, but I may have to revoke my statement. Science says that if your feet are warm, you are, so practically these are definitely the thing for the winter. With a range of sizes, colours and cute and humorous designs, these socks may universally be the world’s favourite winter item.

*writers note- I promise my wardrobe is more colourful than it may appear in this blog!

One thought on “What to Wear for Winter Fashion

  1. I have really enjoyed this blog Emily and you’ll be pleased to know even at my age I do have a few of your recommendations! Well written.

    Liked by 1 person

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