How to Make Decisions- As an Indecisive Person

*image by Daily Express

Excuse the irony, but I really don’t know. As I enter my final year of school and sixth form, I have reached the point of having to actually decide what I want to do with my future, or at least the next few years. In less than a year now, most of my friends will be attending university, but some may be travelling, starting an apprenticeship, volunteering or even in employment. There are so many options, but sometimes that can simply make a decision even harder. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wanted to go to university. In all honesty, want is perhaps a bit of a strong word and the complete truth is I don’t really have any other appealing options. For me, university should provide me with the skills and assets I need in my long-term future, and is what I feel is the best place for me to head to after school. Despite being confident with my choice of higher education, there are still so many different options within that itself.

Obviously, the biggest choice is the course you want to take. The course you choose will help you decide upon the most suitable university for you, the grades you need and even a possible career plan. Many of my peers are set on jobs such as a Doctor or Lawyer or Vet. These careers all have specific courses you will need, making your course decision for you, although the work needed to get on these courses should never be dismissed. I tossed and turned thinking about what could possibly interest me after school, and even for many years to come. I decided I didn’t want to further any of my A level subjects, and so instead turned to looking for more unusual courses, or at least those that weren’t introduced at school. After delving through websites, advice and universities I eventually decided that I would like to give Journalism a shot. I have always loved writing (hence the blog) but I also love filming, presentations and obviously chatting to people! Therefore, this course seemed to adhere to both my academic and personal preferences. The Journalism courses excited me, with the opportunity to gain new skills, take part in a practical degree and even explore the world, both locally and sometimes globally. I still remain uncertain on whether I would like to become an actual Journalist, but the job, although intense at times, seems exciting and there would be something new at work everyday. I like to always leave my options open, and I feel my current path will do that, as if I decide I am set upon Journalism I could find myself travelling all over the world to find stories, but I am also free to have a sudden change of mind, as the skills gained on the course are easily transferable to other professions.

One thing I am struggling with is choosing my actual university. My inability to decide is definitely not helped by the current hardship of visiting universities, with all my open days thus far being online. Last year, I lost much sleep, tears and serotonin trying to choose a suitable Sixth Form, of which I only had to choose between two. This time I have to decide upon five universities/ courses and obviously rank them in order of my preference. I am currently looking at four that appeal to me, but they all seem so brilliant in different ways it seems incredibly hard to choose. There is much to take into account; what the course there offers, the location, the expenses, the accommodation- the list goes on and on. Moving away from home is such a big event, that this will probably be the biggest decision of my life so far. I do hold some confidence in myself that I will eventually make the right decision, as choosing my sixth form was one of my best decisions of life so far. I can see myself waiting until very near the deadline (not always wise but under these circumstances a little bit of pressure will help) and having use my gut. It will probably come down to where I see myself the most, but as of right now I’m having a hard time visualising that!!

So, as the UCAS deadline approaches, I’m going to need to become more vigilant in my decision making, but it’s okay to sometimes feel overwhelmed and unsure- decisions are never easy! As someone who is very indecisive, it can feel frustrating when others seem so certain of themselves or their future, but it’s important to remember that whatever you choose, you will eventually end up where you are meant to be, even if it is something you never would have dreamed of. I often stand in the kitchen for five minutes before deciding what to have for lunch, so it’s easy to see why I may struggle with decisions that actually do matter… However, do remember it’s okay to take your time, and if you do struggle with being decisive, there are always offers to keep your options open until you truly find yourself.

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