My Devon Detox

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Last week, I visited my grandparents who live in Devon. Because of COVID 19, we hadn’t seen them for eight months, so we vowed that as soon as it was safe to do so, we would book a visit. My grandparents live in a lovely, small town, but there’s easy access to the city centre and even the beach. Due to COVID being very real at the moment, we didn’t venture out too much, but we still had an amazing time, most importantly spending time with the family. As this was my only week outside of my home village this summer, I decided I would take the time to have a ‘detox’, and take a break from my usual home habits. It was a lovely week and very rewarding, and I strongly advise that every once in a while you take a step back from your life, and have some time away from ‘reality’.

My first ‘detox’ that I decided upon, was a break from my phone and social media. Admittedly, I did still go on my phone to message my friends as it is important for me to stay in contact with them, but this was only once a day and my screen time was a maximum 30 minutes, compared to a sometimes awful four or five hours… I also didn’t use my iPad for anything except schoolwork, instead turning to activities such as reading, swimming or just chatting to pass my time. It’s so easy for me to find myself with little to do and instantly open up my phone to occupy myself, so I was very proud that I was finding much more productive things to do to keep me busy.

We are very fortunate that my grandparents own a swimming pool, an amazing asset when temperatures were reaching 30 and above! This really made it feel like a proper holiday. It was a great way to get outside, getting some daily exercise whilst spending time with the family. Although the weather regressed as the week continued, I went in almost everyday, as it was a brilliant way to refresh yourself. My family and I enjoy playing games in the pool rather than actual swimming, however that didn’t stop us from participating in many relays and races, and my brothers and dad even created their own triathlon! It was definitely one of the highlights of the week, and it really made the holiday complete.

I also created a better sleeping pattern for myself, something which I definitely lost over lockdown! Although some nights were really too hot to sleep, I always read before bed to help me sleep and tried to get up earlier than I had been, as well as at a similar time each day. In the mornings, I would get up so I had a couple of hours before lunch to get my work done. This way, I was able to have done everything I needed to before the afternoon, leaving me free to do what I wanted. Having a ‘lowkey’ routine, yet also spontaneity, helped me to feel as though I was on holidays but I had also been productive, allowing me to feel satisfied, even when it came to an end.

Our holiday was much more family based this year, but that was perfectly okay, because it really is important to spend time with those who you care about, especially in these times. I have come back feeling really refreshed, and my break has helped me feel ready for the last couple weeks of holidays, and the eventual return to school. I hope you all have a lovely rest of your summer!

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