My Love For Travel

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As the summer properly begins, I can’t help but feel disappointed that I am not going to make it out of the UK this year. I am fortunate enough to holiday abroad every year, and although I had an amazing trip to the Alps in February, I am sad that I won’t be getting much of the sun or a tan this summer. Last year, my family and I went to Turkey and had the most amazing time meeting new people, trying new activities and enjoying the sweltering heat. This week, I thought I’d reflect upon why holidays are so soothing and also explore my desires for future travel.

You step off the plane and are met with a hug of warm air, accompanied by a gentle breeze and a feeling of freshness. Holiday has officially began. After the annoyance of security, reaching your accommodation and rehydrating and refuelling yourself with some food and drink, you can finally run into your bedroom and jump on the freshly made bed. Then you can explore your surroundings, possibly browse through the foreign TV channels, before settling down to plan your first day. Depending on your arrival time, you’ll either implement your plans immediately or you’ll rush to get to sleep in order for your first holi-day to begin!

For me, I feel like a different person when I am abroad. Whether it’s the change in environment, the glow of the sun on my skin or the foreign scent in the air, I seem to gain confidence, peace and am an overall happier person. I live for the new foods, rich culture and just that general feel of discovery when setting foot in somewhere you’ve never been before. I try to disconnect from the world back home, I like to pretend that this is my new life, although it is actually usually only for a week, hence detaching myself from the UK. Of course, I still take loads of pics, post some boomerangs of the gorgeous scenery to make the people in England jealous, although I think karma has hit me, as this year I’m the one jealous of all the amazing destinations people are visiting, whilst I am staying home. Holidays make me feel alive, as they remind me of how little of the world I have explored and bring some light upon the different lifestyles so many people have outside of the UK. I’m fascinated by people’s stories as well as the culture the places I have visited hold. I think I treasure holidays because they are ‘once in a lifetime’; very often you only have a week in a place you will most likely never return to, and many of the people you have met, you will never see again. I think the feeling of escape is what I will miss most this year, the feeling of freedom and the importance of making the most of every moment, something which I am trying to incorporate more into my daily life.

After I finish Sixth Form, I don’t plan on taking a gap year, as I currently would prefer to continue my education, without a years break. However, when I’m older, I would definitely like to continue travelling/holidaying, due to the joy it brings me. Some key destinations for myself are LA (which I hopefully will visit next year!), New York, Sydney/ Australia in general, Dubai, the Bahamas and Iceland. As of right now, I am aspiring to become a Journalist, and if I am successful in the occupation, I would like to use my job to travel around the world, as I would love to gather people’s stories from across the globe. So much of modern life is structured and permanent, yet travel provides the opportunity for new adventures, new people and a whole new world. There is so much of the world I have not even come close to exploring, and I cannot wait to hopefully get the opportunity to get out there and explore it. As you grow older, your life begins to flash in front of you in fragmented memories. I hope that as I age, my memories are filled with different places and people as, whether I’ve reached every continent or not, I would love to feel as though the world might have known I was here.

Although I am deeply saddened to not be going on holiday this summer, I am still going to make the most of my staycation and fill my summer with as much sun, fun and smiles as I can. This year I may be swimming in the British sea, but I’ll be sure to take the holiday spirit with me. If you are going abroad this summer, enjoy it and make the most of it! Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “My Love For Travel

  1. I found this so evocative. A couple of phrases really made me feel like I was with you – the high of warm air disembarking the plane; I was ready to jump in that cool, freshly-made bed – gorgeous!!!


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