10 Things To Do This #summer2020

It is almost definite that we won’t be having the same summer we all hoped for this year, but I am going to try and make it as good and worthwhile as I possibly can. I’m personally hoping for lots of good weather, and I’m also hoping to see more entertainment venues open in the near future. I have decided to compile a list of ten things I recommenced doing this summer, given the unusual circumstances- I look forward to doing them all.

1) Play a sport with friends

Whether it be football, tennis, rounders, sport is a great way of reuiniting with friends, and also provides a fun morning, afternoon or evening. Instead of having to generate conversation (if you prefer just picnic and chat, I completely understand as there’s plenty to talk about at the moment), a sport organises an activity to keep everyone occupied, and of course the breaks will still allow for gossip!

2) Order a takeaway

Be it with friends or family, takeaways are a great way to compensate with the loss of restaurants, but they also create flexibility as they can be devoured anywhere! Whether it be in the local park, on your way to work or school or simply in front of the TV on a Friday, takeaways are a simple way to add some excitement to meet ups and they taste pretty nice too!

3) Pick up a new hobby

For me, I’ve enjoyed spending some of my time leading the Ukulele. Although I am not the next Grace VanderWaal, I have definitely improved and it is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable parts of my day. Music may not be your forté, so you may want to try to cook or bake, learn some gymnastics tricks or even start a blog! Whatever you fancy, this time is great for trying new things, as it’s important to keep your mind stimulated and keep setting yourself goals to retain motivation.

4) Binge watch Netflix

I’ll admit, it doesn’t take the pandemic to convince me to do this, however it’s an easy cure to boredom, especially if you’re feeling like an unproductive day. Remember those days when you’d wake up for work/ school and all you wanted to do was stay in bed, under your warm sheets, and rewatch your favourite show… well now is your chance. I would definitely suggest doing this on the rainier days, as you don’t want to waste the sunnier ones, as I’m sure you’re used to the unpredictability of the British weather.

5) Have an in-house ‘Come Dine With Me’

As I was scrolling through my ‘Tiktok’ page (I am unhealthy addicted!), I stumbled across a family hosting their very own ‘Come Dine With Me’. It looked like loads of fun, but I wasn’t sure my family would be too keen considering my mum cooks 95% of our meals. However, to my pleasant surprise, they seemed incredibly enthusiastic, so we decided to begin our own rendition, with a new cook and theme each Sunday evening. So far it has gone well, with my brother even managing to scrape a ten from for his English themed dinner! It’s a great way to bring the family together and also gives the chief household chef a break.

6) Ride a bike around your village/ town (maybe less accessible for city livers)

Despite being much more busy than in lockdown, most streets still remain quieter and I love to explore the eeriness that can be felt- I find the quiet quite comforting. Personally, I find walking less appealing, as I like to be moving quickly, although if that is more accessible, go for it! I love riding a bike (minus the hills), the feel of the breeze against the face and the general lightness as you speed past pedestrians. It’s nice to feel mobile, and it’s a fun way to explore your area, alongside being easy to social distance if you choose to ride with friends.

7) De-clutter everything

Whether you need a wardrobe clear out for the summer, you’re finally ready to depart from your beloved teddies or you just want to get rid of the unnecessary bits and bobs around your house, if you find yourself with a spare few hours, this task is a highly productive use of your time. Switch on your favourite movie or start blasting your favourite tunes and the time will pass before you know it. There are plenty of websites your items can be sold on and the tips have opened again to enable appropriate disposable where necessary.

8) Go on a Shopping Spree

Shopping is still restricted, but there are an increasing amount of shops opening, and the government have been focusing on re-opening retail. Many of us will have found a new love for online shopping, however I am looking forward to eventually getting back into town and going on a proper browse- I haven’t been this excited for a shopping trip in a while.

9) Watch the Sunrise/ Sunset

Although I haven’t gotten around to this yet, I am highly anticipating this! For me, watching nature reminds me how alive I am, something which I find extremely enlightening and precious, so this is going to be a beautiful experience. I don’t recommend doing this alone, so take a friend or family member and, of course, ensure you’re in a safe area at night or the early morning!

10) Have a BBQ

With infection rates being much lower in the outdoors, BBQs are a much safer way to gather your friends and family. Whilst remaining in the bracket of people allowed in your area, a traditional BBQ offers amazing food, entertainment and plenty of chance for laughter! Nothing can really beat a summer BBQ, no matter the circumstances.

As I am writing this, I have just heard the new measures that are being introduced which ease current restrictions. With Boris moving at this rate, we might have a more ‘normal’ summer than originally expected. However, the world will remain an unusual place for some time so I hope these activities help you and your families to ease any boredom that may occur. The weather has brightened up this week, and although I don’t want to tempt fate, I hope we have a lovely, warm summer ahead of us! Make the most of it and enjoy it!

2 thoughts on “10 Things To Do This #summer2020

  1. What a fantastic list! I was tempted to declutter my wardrobe but realised in my current mood I’d only be left with elasticated waisted trousers and hoodies which are great for lockdown but might not go down so well at a board meeting!

    The Come Dine With Me idea is a fab one. Thank you.


    1. Oh my goodness I feel the same right now, so I’m waiting until the summer holidays to do mine! I probably won’t even recognise my suits anymore! We’re loving Come Dine With Me, only Dad to go now- ending on a high of course….


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