Dear my best friends…

I really miss my friends. It’s been so hard adjusting to not seeing people who I used to spend most of my week with. I miss chatting, laughing, teasing, even a simple smile from someone I’m not that close to just makes my day ten times better! I think it’s just our human nature that when you get so set in a routine with the same structure and surroundings; losing that is tough. I’m perfectly adjusted to ‘lockdown’ now, although I am still itching to get back to a ‘new normal’. I have remained in contact with all of the people I care about, and despite not being on my phone constantly, my friends all know that I am there if they need me, however big or small the problem may be. I FaceTime many of my friends throughout the week, alongside having a few quizzes, and the app ‘Houseparty’ always has someone around to chat to, although it becomes quite competitive as the rooms fill up… However, the sad reality is that virtual connection isn’t the same, and as much as we keep in contact it’s impossible to extinguish that loneliness that some bury better than others.

Fortunately, with the new ease on lockdown, (I shall remain bias in my opinions on that matter) most people are now able to meet one person from another household, in an outdoor space. As soon as this was announced I immediately got in touch with my geographically closest friends, and started organising meet-ups, all within the guidelines of course! Last week, I met up with my best friend, who I hadn’t seen for months. We sat in our local park, two metres apart and chatted for almost two and a half hours. I walked home with a skip in my step and felt at least a stone lighter (sadly this wasn’t actually the case…) One of our topics of conversation was how nice it was to sit and talk properly, without any of the modern distractions. With being in a larger friend group, we often forget to catch up as we meet up at large restaurants, public spaces or parties, so it was extra lovely to actually check up on her, as well as having the usual dose of girlie gossip. We will definitely be doing it again as soon as possible.

If you know me personally, as a friend or family, I miss you very much and I cannot wait to see you all as soon as this is over. If you don’t know me, I am sure you can relate to the yearning to get back to having a social life, and hugging your friends and family a little bit tighter than usual. Lockdown has presented many challenges, and I think the isolation may have been the worst for me personally. Please don’t be mistaken, I am extremely grateful for my privileged position in this crisis. I am lucky to have a supportive family, good health and the ability to go out and meet friends under the new guidelines. I know some don’t have all this and it can be an extremely tough time for those with less family, friends and connections. So I am urging you, no matter how small of a deal it may seem, check up on your friends and family, tell them you miss them, I know it will make a big difference. After all, it’s easy to say you’re ‘fine’ when someone asks you if you are okay, but it’s even easier to say through a screen.

4 thoughts on “Dear my best friends…

  1. Another well written piece Emily which certainly demonstrates what an emotive time this is. We are so proud of how you have handled it all.


  2. So lovely Emily and beautifully l expressed. This rings true if one is 16 or 60! P. S. Read my Facebook mesage to you! X


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