The Year 3000

I’m guessing the first thing you’ve thought of is ‘Busted’. If you haven’t, you should really check out their song ‘Year 3000’- absolute classic. The song describes the future that the singer’s neighbour Peter sees when he visits the ‘Year 3000’ in his time machine. Peter’s experience seems to focus on what the women of the future look like/are doing but due to it being a boyband’s song, what else can we expect? The song does also detail a couple of physical changes to the world, such as life being underwater, which is perhaps what many of us fantasise the future to be like. It’s hard to picture what the world will actually look like, we’ve learnt that from predicting that there would be flying cars in 2020 which very sadly is yet to happen. However, others, such as the legend that is George Orwell in his 1984 novel, have made scarily accurate predictions as to what the future was going to resemble. Therefore, there can be no harm in contemplating what the world may look like some day…

Due to the major issue of global warming, there can be little doubt that world will be a different place in a few decades. Although I don’t believe the earth will succumb to nature until the sun itself dies (hopefully science can back me on this), living standards are likely to decrease in high risk areas of the world. Devastatingly, it may also be possible that areas, such as the Maldives, do find themselves underwater by this time, showing why it is so important that we try to prevent this for as long as possible. In the UK, I don’t believe our landscape will look that different, but that all depends on how much human activity increases. Areas will be more built up, (inevitable due to population growth), there may be new forms of transport (I think hoverboards would be really cool) and I’m sure the retail industry will see an increase in the presence of ‘bots’ to humans. As a result of the changes to daily life, I’m sure people will change too, similar to how we (the young) might find we hold different opinions to our parents or grandparents. Technology will be essential to daily life, we already depend on it so much, and since it’s developing everyday, I believe this is inevitable. With this, I am also afraid that the human race may begin to lose communication. I picture the streets being quieter due to less conversation, I imagine TVs on public transport showing the news and I see computers/ tablets replacing the crumpled, yellow maths books we were all so used to. I can’t imagine that we will have robotic servants, after all, is that really necessary and who would want their child to be looked after by a robot? However, I think the world might look more like what we see in movies: let’s just hope there’s no apocalypse…

Obviously, I have no way of living to the year 3000, but I am going to try my hardest to reach 2100 (the best compromise). Admittedly, life isn’t defined by the years you live, however there’s something in me that would really like to make it. If I did reach 2100, I would be 96, which is a very large number. In order to reach this, I would have to be in very good health which is what motivates me to be as healthy as possible whilst still ‘living’. As the clocks ticked over to 2020 earlier this year, there was something special about going into a year entitled with a satisfying number. 2020. Annoyingly, this year hasn’t turned out great, but I suppose with such a magnificent number, it was bound to be remembered for something. I get the same feeling with entering a new century. The year 2100 just sounds so special, magical, prominent. I would really like to reach it, even if I’m celebrating with my glass of champagne tucked away in a care home.

Undoubtedly, with the changes the world will have, if I reach 2100 my life will have changed hugely. I might be married, I might be widowed, I might have stayed single for life. I might have children, grandchildren or simply a lifelong best friend. The possibilities are endless: I don’t know where I’ll be, how I’ll be or even if I’ll be here at all. All I know is that I want to ensure that if I reach that milestone, I will have plenty of stories to tell. That’s why today, tomorrow and for the rest of my life I want to make memories. They don’t all have to be huge adventures, celebrations, life events, they can be simple things such as a pleasant afternoon run or an evening laughing with my friends. Life isn’t about the years you survive, it’s about the life you live. So, I’m going to make sure I live my life the way I want to. Happy, busy and surrounded by people I love. Even if I don’t reach my possibly unrealistic goal of 2100, whenever my time comes, I will know I lived my life to the fullest.

4 thoughts on “The Year 3000

  1. So perceptive. So exciting to read and gain an insight into a teenage mind. Delighted that you will celebrate in a fitting manner after a long, exciting, successful, happy and satisfying life. Love your writing style so carry on. Well done Emily.


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