My Meal on a Monday

At the moment, each Monday, I cook for my family. I should do it more often, however my mum is happy cooking for the majority of the time (I also have a fussy brother who insists my food tastes different to mum’s just because I cooked it!) Our typical meal on a Monday is the ‘BBC’s Good Food’ sausage pasta. I will link the recipe below!

Cooking is known as a skill, which it indeed is, however I certainly wouldn’t deem myself as a ‘skillful’ cook. I learnt in my Year 7 to 9 cooking classes how to cut, peel and grate fruit and vegetables, the appropriate temperatures for most foods to cook in and of course the health and safety aspects! Aside from these minor capabilities, everything else I do involves putting ingredients in a pan, in a tray or even straight in the oven! However, I do find cooking from scratch extremely satisfying due to the knowledge that everything that has gone into your meal was prepared by you. I may even go as far as to say that I feel more full after eating something made by me, or perhaps that is just my anticipation that has been able to build whilst cooking the food!

I think it is important for the younger generation to learn how to cook. Many in the modern day believe cooking involves shoving something out of a packet into the oven for half an hour and as much as we convince ourselves this is true, we know we are deceiving ourselves. When I am older, I have ambitions to eat healthily (by this I mean a balanced diet, food portioning but not forgetting to treat myself either). I guess I have expectations for myself. My Grandmothers are both excellent cooks and bakers, and then there’s my mum who has cooked me a meal almost every day of my life. Therefore, I feel it is a tradition that I should carry on. Of course, we are in 2020, so I would love to find a partner who could cook me gourmet meals, however I would also love to provide a home-prepared-and-cooked meal when they arrive home from work. I feel it may become my favourite part of the day.

Unfortunately, many of us are too busy to cook properly, including myself who, in term time, is out of the house for 10-12 hours a day. Consequently, I rarely cook during the term, which is why I am seizing the current opportunity (Coronavirus lockdown) to develop my skills as much as possible. My meals aren’t perfect, my skills aren’t perfected and I don’t cook a full meal everyday, but I am trying. As mentioned at the start of this blog, I currently cook on Mondays. I’m starting with one day a week and we’ll see where that takes me. Then, one day, I might reflect upon my ‘cooking roots’ as I hand a bowl of sausage pasta to my grandchildren and say ‘that’s where it all began’.

BBC Good Food’s Sausage Pasta Recipe-

2 thoughts on “My Meal on a Monday

  1. Sausage pasta is a favourite in our house – “proper” sausages for my younger daughter and vegetarian equivalent for my elder daughter. We’ll give that BBC recipe a try as a family, thank you, and get us all cooking together.

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    1. Ah brilliant compromise to keep both happy! I’m sure you will love the BBC recipe as it is easy to make so all can easily participate in the cooking! Tastes amazing too!!


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