If you’re reading this, you have somehow made it to my first ever blog post. I have been contemplating making my blog website for a few months now. The delays were mainly due to a lack of time, lack of motivation and technical issues. The ultimate push came from a visitor to my sixth form. We had a speaker in, a young woman (I’d guess mid 20s), who was here to advise us on how to sell ourselves in interviews, most specifically for university. It became clear within the first few minutes that she was a very ‘in your face’ speaker and was sadly edging closer to cocky than confident… As her slightly intimidating speech continued, she reached the part where she started listing the ‘absolutes’ for certain degrees. We were given the obvious: work experience for doctors, wider reading for English, essays for Oxford. My ears pricked up on the word ‘journalism’ and most importantly the one that followed shortly afterwards: ‘blog’. Of course, I already was aware of the importance of showing your interest in the degree you want to study, and therefore a blog was obvious for Journalism. However, this example reminded me of the relatively short amount of time I actually have before my applications start. It was time to get down to buisness.

I don’t completely know what I am aiming for with my blog. I hardly believe anyone would be interested in reading my posts, but I’m going to put myself out there anyway. See where it goes. I am going to aim to write around one post a week, based upon whatever comes to me during the week. Currently, during the pandemic, it will be rather challenging to find constant inspiration, but, on the other hand, I have a lot more time to write than normal. Therefore, at the moment, I may be writing more regularly, depending on how busy my week is. This is all very new to me so it is all an experiment but I hope you understand, relate to or even enjoy at least something I produce.

Setting my blog up seemed very daunting at first. I did the typical google search ‘how to start a blog’ and wix was the first website that came up, promoting me to assume this would be the easiest and most accessible. However, after struggling to set up a layout, figure out how to post and losing motivation as a consequence, I decided to deepen my search. It only took me one google search ‘the best websites to set up a blog’ for me to find WordPress. Due to my first disaster, I was quite apprehensive and was in quite a bit of doubt as to if it would work. Fortunately, WordPress was just as the reviews had stated: simple and quick. I was easily able to design my website how I wanted, figure out how it worked and even started uploading posts before it went live! The easiness of WordPress brought my motivation back and inspired me to get lots of writing done. I am now excited to share my page with my family, friends and even the world…

For anyone who is pondering over starting a blog, my number one piece of advice is ‘START NOW!’ If you use WordPress, the process will be insanely smooth and you will be blogging in no time. The great thing about blogging is that anyone can do it, all it requires is literacy and your own thoughts. If I can do it, an average 16 year old girl, you can. Now, if you have gotten this far, firstly thank you, and secondly, I would love it if you would like to check out any of my other posts! Have a lovely day!

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